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MAY 8TH TO 11TH, 2019

The 2019 International Academy of African Business and Development (IAABD) annual conference to be hosted by the University of Dar es Salaam Business School, Tanzania welcomes papers from scholars, graduate students, managers and policy makers on issues relevant to Africa’s business and development. The conference aims at facilitating multidisciplinaryresearch by stimulating collaborations between Africa based researchers and their counterparts around the world, by broadening and deepening global understanding of various issues relevant to Africa’s business and development, as well as advancing possible solutions to some of her challenges.


From several indications, Africa is becoming increasingly better positioned in the dynamic global business environment. This increasing relevance permeates several areas including the socio-cultural and economic layers of the system. The scale and significance of Foreign Direct Investment activities as evidenced by the presence of multinationals on the continent, the dynamics of the consumer power in the region, and the considerable relationships with the international community are among the plethora of factors that bring the discourse of African Development in the global stage to the fore again and again. With these indications, some of the various appellations being used consciously or unconsciously by naysayers to describe Africa such as ‘a forgotten continent’ or others that connote backwardness are now being seriously questioned in various ramifications. Overall, the need for a holistic perspective to the discourse of Africa is becoming more compelling by the day. Nevertheless, a critical look at the continent suggests that several areas still require attention that will benefit from the dialogue between the stakeholders such as researchers, practitioners, and policy makers.

The theme of the 2019 conference highlights the need to discuss not only the challenges but to also extend the discourse to the available opportunities towards achieving sustainable business development in the continent vis-à-vis the world system. Some of the thematic issues include better management of Africa’s businesses, accelerating entrepreneurship,meeting the growing consumer power, and increasing foreign direct investments.

In addition to the topics listed above, the conference encourages papers and discussions on transferable lessons in development from other countries around the world. Special sessions on successful strategies used by global companies, academic institutions and organizations are highly encouraged.

Submission of Manuscripts

  1. Full Papers should be submitted electronically to the IAABD submission portal in Microsoft Word by March 31, 2019. Abstracts and proposals for special sessions should be submitted electronically to the IAABD submission portal in Microsoft Word by March 31, 2019.
  2. Full papers should not be longer than 10 single-spaced pages (Times New Roman, font 11), including the title, tables, figures, appendices, references, and other illustrative materials.
  3. Full papers should   have   an   abstract   (maximum   of   200   words),   as well as an Introduction. Each paper should indicate the title of the paper, author(s)’ names and institutional affiliation, and email addresses.
  4. The IAABD paper  template  (iaabd-model.doc)  available  at: https://iaabd.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Original-iaabd-template.docx includes all the styles that you will need and has been locked in order to limit you those styles. For example if you paste text from another document, the inserted text will automatically be converted to ‘Normal’ style; Times New Roman 11, with 6pt spacing after the paragraph. You may then want to apply the styles provided within the template.
  5. Use single column, one-inch margins (1”) all-round: Top, bottom, left, and right. References and citations should be prepared as described in the pdf document entitled: ‘GUIDE TO PREPARING PAPERS FOR SUBMISSION TO IAABD CONFERENCES’ available at: https://iaabd.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/How-to-use-the-IAABD-conference-paper-template-V2.pdf.
  6. Use the paper template (iaabd-model.doc). ny paper which is written without using the paper template will not be published in the conference proceedings. All full papers will be peer reviewed and selected papers will be included on the Proceedings CD and considered for the Conference Best Paper Awards.
  7. To make your paper ready for publishing in the IAABD Conference Proceedings see a Paper template (iaabd-model.doc).


Special Sessions

Those interested in organizing a special session should prepare a description of its overall purpose and include the abstracts of the different contributions. A special session should have at least  3 contributors.  In  addition, proposals  must state the purpose, format and names of contributors. All special session proposals should be submitted to the Special Session Track.

Graduate Students papers

Graduate students are encouraged to submit their papers to Track 10: Graduate Student Paper. This track will provide graduate students with the opportunity to share their work with current and future colleagues. Attending the conference will provide participating students with the opportunity to network with many of today’s leading scholars. Graduate student’s papers will be considered for Graduate student best paper awards.

NOTE: Full papers, abstracts, and special session proposals should be submitted directly to the 2019 conference submission portal. Authors who are uncertain of the appropriate track for their papers should contact the Program Chair: Dr. Ayantunji Gbadamosi, University of East London, UK. Final revised papers/abstracts should be sent back to relevant Track Chair by respective authors and  it is the Track Chairs who will send final reviewed papers to the Proceedings editor.

The city of Dar es Salaam 

“The home of Peace”

2019 Tracks and Track Chairs

Track 1: Accounting, Finance, and Investment Pat Obi

Purdue University North West.

Track 2: International Aid, Economic Policies and


Jacob Musila

Athabasca University, Canada

Track 3: Entrepreneurship, Small Business and the

Informal Sector

Norma Juma

Washburn University

Track 4: Exporting, Internationalization and Foreign

Direct Investment

Zelealem Yiheyis

Clark Atlanta University

Track 5: Public Policy and Health Care Management Ayantunji Gbadamosi

University of East London. UK

Track 6: Human Resources Management and


Moses Acquaah

University of North Carolina- Greensboro

Track 7: Sustainability, Business Ethics, Law and Social


Judy Muthuri

Nottingham University

Track 8: Marketing and Consumer Behavior Aihie Osarenkhoe

University of Gavle, Sweden

Track 9: Operations and Logistics/Supply Chain/Project

Management (including infrastructure development projects)

Pantaleo Rwelamila

University of South Africa

Track 10: Graduate Student Papers Simon Sigue

Athabasca University, Canada

Track 11: Research Methods Kofi Q. Dadzie

Georgia State University

Track 12: Special Sessions (e.g., China-India Africa relationships, Training the next generation of Scholars in the African diaspora; transferrable corporate experiences in emerging markets, etc.) Evelyn Winston

Clark Atlanta University

Track 13: The Path to Local and Community


Italo Trevisan

University of Trento, Italy

Registration Information

Registration fees below include a $60 annual IAABD membership fee for participants outside Africa and a $30 annual IAABD membership fee for participants based in Africa. Also included are a single paper in the proceedings, coffee breaks, and receptions.

Registration fees (U.S. dollars)
Based in Africa Outside Africa
Student Regular Student Regular
April 10,2019 $220 $330 $275 $385
After April 10,2019 $275 $407 $330 $462


Optional for all delegates
A Day Excursion will be organized closer to the conference date.
Optional Accompanying Person
Awards banquet $30

The registration fees and all other fees MUST be paid either by Paypal, US check, Wire transfer or Cash, if payment is made in Dar-es-Salaam. Early registration means that one must have completed the registration form and made payment before April 10, 2019.

For conference registration, please go to http://www.iaabd.org/conference-registration. To pay the registration fees and find information on how to pay via Paypal, U.S. check and Wire transfer, please click here.

For inquiry on membership fees and conference registration fees, please contact VP for Finance and Treasurer: Dr. Richard Hayes at .

For Other or Unresolved Matters: Please contact the program Chair: Dr‘Ayantunji Gbadamosi, University of East London, UK.

Conference Contacts

Conference Chair Dr. Ulingeta Mbamba, Dean, University of Dar es Salaam Business School, Tanzania,

Conference Co- Chair Prof. Lettice Kinunda Rutashobya, University of Dar es Salaam Business School, Tanzania,

Program Chair Dr. Ayantunji Gbadamosi, University of East London, UK.


Proceedings Editor Prof. PD Rwelamila: University of South Africa


Conference Organizing Committee

  • Dr. Ayantunji Gbadamosi-IAABD Program Chair, University of East London, UK
  • Prof. P D Rwelamila–Proceedings Editor UNISA Graduate School of Business Leadership
  • Dr. Esther Ishengoma, University of Dar es Salaam Business School, Tanzania
  • Dr. Jani Dev, University of Dar es Salaam Business School, Tanzania
  • Dr. Omari Mbura, University of Dar es Salaam Business School, Tanzania
  • Dr. Theresia Dominic, University of Dar es Salaam Business School, Tanzania
  • Dr. Evelyn Richard, University of Dar es Salaam Business School, Tanzania
  • Dr. Goodluck Urassa, University of Dar es Salaam Business School, Tanzania
  • Dr. Tobias Swai, University of Dar es Salaam Business School, Tanzania
  • Dr. Neema Mori, University of Dar es Salaam Business School, Tanzania

Hotel Information

Conference venue Ramada Hotel, Dar es Salaam

1.Ramada Hotel
(139 rooms)
Conference venue
Africana Road,
Jangwani Beach
USD 120
(negotiated rate)
breakfast included
Code “IAABD”
(WhatsApp Reservations)
+255-222-162-333 | Extension 5100 +255-773-374-208
2. Azure Boutique Resort (Former Beachcomber)
(36 rooms)
Africana Road

Jangwani Beach
(Walking distance to and from RAMADA)

Single Room: USD 59
Double: USD 79
(breakfast included)
3.The Heron Court Boutique Hotel.
(20 rooms)
Just opposite the RAMADA HOTEL Single Room: USD 45
Double: USD 70
(breakfast included)
4.White Sands hotel

Reservation: reservations@hotelwhitesand

Africana Road,
Jangwani Beach
(Walking distance to and from RAMADA
Single room: USD 120
Double: USD 140
(breakfast included)
5.Seascape Hotel Africana Road,
Jangwani Beach
(Walking distance to and from RAMADA)
Non sea View:
Single Room: USD 60
Double: USD 80
Sea View
Single: USD 70
Double: USD 90
(breakfast included)
6.Land mark hotel resort
(84 Rooms)
Africana Road,
Jangwani Beach
(Walking distance to and from RAMAD)
A Standard Room: USD 65
Double: USD 75
(breakfast included)
7.Jangwani Sea Breeze
(32 rooms)
Africana Road,
Jangwani Beach
(Walking distance to and from RAMADA)
Single room: USD 40
Double: USD 55
until end of March.
Single: USD 49
Double: USD 79
(breakfast included)
8.Serene hotel Africana Road,
Jangwani Beach
(Walking distance to and from Ramada)
Standard single
Room: USD 25
Double: USD 35
Deluxe Suit
Single: USD 45
Double: USD 55
(breakfast included)
9. Serene Beach resort Africana Road,
Jangwani Beach
(Walking distance to and from RAMADA)
Standard single: USD 45
Double: USD 65
Deluxe Suit Single: USD 65
Double: USD 80
(breakfast included)